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Time for a New Beginning.

Welcome to Luna Lotus Wellness

Today is January 26, 2024 and it is 8:21 AM.

My cacao coffee is spectacularly delicious today.

Hey friends, how are you? Welcome to my new brand, Luna Lotus Wellness. My name is Sasha and I am the owner. What a wild ride it has been to getting to this moment. Sitting here in my pajamas typing this blog post for you today.

This is a new company but we used to operate as Monsoon Moon Yoga. Have you heard of us before? Monsoon Moon Yoga was founded in late 2022 with 2023 being our main year of operations. We primarily focused on teaching Bachelorette Party yoga classes.

I ran that company with my now ex-boyfriend, Ryan. When we parted ways it was decided that I would keep the company. I am so grateful for that. I loved every second of expressing my creativity through Monsoon Moon Yoga. However, TBH, it was hard to look at every day after we broke up. I still loved it. But it was ours. And seeing the logo, saying the name ... everything always stung my heart a little bit.

I knew I needed to rebrand the company in order to help me move on from our relationship. Not that I am trying to forget about the past or diminish it's importance in my life. That is not it at all. It just felt like a good time for a new beginning.

My own brand. My own vision. My own slice of the internet and reality where I can pour all of my love into. My own opportunity to see what I've got to make this business take off.

Perhaps you've seen this photo before? It is one of my favorites.

That's me on the left. I love how my scrunchy totally matches the new branding. NOT planned lol. Must be meant to be! This photoshoot was done by my friend Adrian Lesoing and we were lucky enough to be able to use a gorgeous house from GoodNight Stay!

Samantha is to my right. We met in yoga teacher training at Modern Yoga and she was a Monsoon Moon Yoga teacher. Samantha recently moved to Salt Lake, Utah and I miss her SO MUCH. She will always be a part of the Luna Lotus Family, even if she is far away.

Genna is next, look gorgeous as ever in white! We met at Modern Yoga and I instantly knew we would play a large role in each other's lives. She is so mystical and deeply connected to the universe. She is also an incredible yoga practitioner. She is always upside down balancing on something.

Lisa is next to Genna. She was also in the same YTT as Samantha and I. She is such a freaking badass. She has 2 kids, works non stop, and is NEVER in a bad mood. She is so loving and brings such an amazing, loving energy to every class she teaches. You'll always find her with her sound bowls nearby.

Zoe is next to Lisa. I met her through a mutual friend. She did YTT at Hot Yoga University and is a newer teacher. She is so sweet and offers such a calm, loving energy. We don't know each other too well yet but I imagine we will soon!

Chandler is on the right. Chandler and I were in the same sorority and have stayed connected throughout the years. Years after meeting we discovered that our Mom's lived on the same street, 5 houses down lol. She has always been a huge supporter of me and my endeavors and I am so grateful for our friendship and sisterhood!

I am so grateful for each of these women! None of this would be possible without them.

Thank You <3

I am so excited for what is to come.

My vision for this company is so expansive. We are only just beginning so I must be patient. Ideas and visions run through my head all day everyday. My main purpose is to offer people a place where they feel comfortable to be themselves. To learn something new about themselves. To explore the depths of their being. Whether that is physically through their yoga practice, going into deep meditation during a sound bath, finding true healing through reiki, or simply finding new friends in the community who can love and embrace them for who they truly are. That is my mission.

Thank You So Much for Being Here!

I truly appreciate any and all love and support that I receive. It means the world and it never goes unnoticed. I look forward to seeing where this company goes. The community we build. The memories we make. It is going to be amazing!!!

Hope to see you soon!

Much Love,

Sasha Molt


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