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Women's Circle Workshops

Women's Circle Workshops with Cacao Ceremony Included

Lexie - Scottsdale Wellness Events
Lexie - Scottsdale Wellness Events
Lexie - Scottsdale Wellness Events
✨ 1 Hour Session
✨Ceremonial Cacao
✨Womb Meditation
✨Cycle Education
✨Group Dialogue

Spiraling Into the Center:
Returning to the Nature of Womban

Explore the profound wisdom of the womb and the cyclical nature of women.


Starting with a cacao ritual and womb-centered meditation, followed by a class on our cycles, phases, how they align with the seasons and the moon, and how we can live in harmony with our bodies' natural rhythms.

Divine Feminine Attunement

Divine Feminine Attunement

An immersive journey into your Divine Feminine energy.

Starting with a sacred cacao ritual, followed by guided meditation, embodied movement, breathwork, and expressive flow. Explore your sensuality and creative nature, fostering a profound connection with yourself and others as you're guided on a path of remembrance and empowerment.

✨ Ceremonial Cacao

✨ Guided Meditation

✨ Embodied Movement

✨ Breathwork

Lexie - Scottsdale Wellness Events


1 Hour Session

$195 for 1 - 5 participants

$40 for each additional participant

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